Cheaper DPD Units

Cheaper DPD Units

DPDs (diesel particulate filters) were originally introduced to help reduce harmful emissions produced by diesel engines and enable them to operate in a cleaner and more efficiant manner. 

Although, a drawback with the filters is that over time they become blocked resulting in repairs that can can be expensive due to the high conponent cost of DPDs. 

In an attempt to recuve this cost, Isuzu previously introduced a fully approved remanufactured unit. However, these units do not offer the same performance and longevity of a brand new one, and can only be refurbished effectively when they are relatively new.

Isuzu have been trying to find a better solution to reduce DPD unit costs by working with their teams in Japan and ar enow able to offer brand new units priced comparably to remanufactured units for their most common filters. This provides customers with a more cost effective, higher quality repair which minimises downtime and maximises performance!

To find out more about the new DPD filter initiative, contact our parts department on 01536 203370

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